As rockers & rockets use fancy names I do the same. My name is C. J. Himmelstrutz. Why? To honor the Swedish author, Captain Sture Dahlström who in one of his novels told us the amazing story about Caotico Q Himmelstrutz


A Saturday in April 1976 I was as usual hanging around any radio available and suddenly the intro of Jailbreak was heard. What a riff! What a sound!

I was trapped immediately and this made me start playing guitar the same day, at least that little head did…



At this point it happened I also started to play with electronics, because of what’s explained above—the sound was, and still is, at least as important as the actual playing! This might have happened in 1978, while a record on where we could find Up Against The Wall was played, again & again…


The first guitar amplifier was completed in 1982 and here we are now, 36 years later (2018) with all the way original guitar gadgets, 100% developed & handmade in Sweden, a land of Västerbottensost, The Wrench, Fermented Baltic Herring, Mackmyra and Big Audio Dynamite

A day at Himmelstrutz Factory 2017…

Welcome to Himmelstrutz Elektro Art, Sweden!

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