GEKKO—get yourself out in the space, to the wild pseudo-natural place you didn't know existed these days!

You have probably heard those kind of sounds on old vinyl records, or when your tipsy, sentimental grandpa yelled about it! But still you have no idea what he tried to convey?


It's about an 'echo' or a'reverb' effect; the sound & feeling the old man tried to describe was most likely generated by a magnetic drum machine or a tape echo!

With that in mind, Himmelstrutz GEKKO was born, to add a natural space, a not so clean, jumping lizardish sound to get heard in a mix and to make the creation of music more inspiring. Yeah, that's an appropriate way to describe GEKKO—musical & inspiring!

Added to that GEKKO is not just another “blue/soft/analog sounding” echo/delay. It's more—or why not call it worse! And much louder, if you want…





  • GLAZE—echo character/Lofi/Normal/Soft (3 way toggle switch)
  • WOBBLE—echo repeat (playing level) variation (ON/OFF 2 way toggle switch)
  • GIMME—true bypass switching (push switch)
  • MIX—Echo level ('dry' to 'wet')
  • DELAY—echo time (approx. 48-602 mS)
  • REPEAT—echo repeat(s) (1 to infinite/oscillation)
  • VOLUME—as loud as you ever want!


With the DELAY you set the time of the echo. The MIX adjusts the level of the echo and the REPEAT controls the echo repeats/feedback, which in GEKKO is a thing of its own! With 2 toggle switches, GLAZE and WOBBLE, you adjust the character of the echo-cho-hoi-oi-i sound, to make it more or less Himmelstrutzilised and with the VOLUME you adjust the level of the mixed echo/dry signal, which means you can boost the output, echo/dry, up to +16 dB!


If you think delays/echoes these days may be too soft/kind/sterile/pristine it's a good idea to check out GEKKO. Or if you simply dislike any echo sounds but love a good sounding boost—turn down the MIX, turn up the VOLUME and rock it!

If this ain't enough to solve your dirty sound needs—start all over again, by checking out the FETTO's!


GEKKO is to be made (all handemade!) in 78 copies—this as Thin Lizzy's Live And Dangerous was handmade & released in 1978, and as we think GEKKO very much can capture the echo sounds which the amazing Brian Robertson made us curious about in his legendary lead parts of Still In Love With You.

In the studio version these guitar parts were handled by Gary Moore.




At Himmelstrutz Elektro Art, each product is handcrafted with the mission to release the best possible sound


As our available range is not mass-produced every item is unique, minor appearance differences may occur, without compromising quality


Returns due to this kind of irregularity will not be approved


(Soon it's too late…)

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