* check out video(s) below to get what “invisible” is


Check out PACO if you’re familiar with anything (or all) of this:


  • ▪ My tone is muddy/lifeless with them fantastic pedals bypassed—and I have THE True Bypass System!
  • ▪ Out of kindness and experience I have to tell buffered systems is poop, True Tone is in my fingers—and True Bypass rules!
  • ▪ I don’t play/perform if I can’t bring my own, high quality instrument cables—and of course True Bypass!
  • ▪ My old FUZZ pedal(s) and ears can’t stand buffers—they kill the responsiveness of all instruments and any kind of music—only True Bypass works!

Still not 100% convinced you need a high quality driver/buffer? Don’t worry—when disengaged (LED off) PACO is 100% True Bypass, if that’s still what you prefer, some times…





ON/OFF—Mechanical (true) bypass switching or Buffer mode, ON indicated with a bright LED, always inspired by a higher or lower Force.


1 x printed Owner’s Manual

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