High voltage (internally 375 volts DC) Solid Stout* Of The Art Rock ’n’ Roll Hooligan!

* Solid State


While making our remarkable FETTO LaRocca for sure we got curious: how can this thing both sound and feel so good?


FETTO LaRocca was our first product based upon tube technology, high voltage, 400 volts tube technology to be more accurate. And yeah, we already knew tubes could sound and feel great for music/guitars, otherwise they would not still be used in so many applications. 

The question though in this case was: Why is FETTO LaRocca so punchy, so dynamic, so articulated, so “real” and why do not transistor/solid state solutions react/sound or feel anywhere close to tubes in about every case?


May one of the reasons be that transistors mostly run at 2-10% of the voltage/power of where tubes sound and feel as its best? Will this lead to solid state solutions (transistors/op amps etc) sound and feel just 2-10% “as good”? Might seem kind of logic…


So, let’s treat them modern transistors the same way as old fashioned tubes were/are treated—same for all—let us give those plastic little parasites the same food as FETTO LaRocca craved to get good—let’s feed them baby transistors with 400 volts!

    Now the adventure started for real—let’s jump the trampoline!


Plenty of electric chocks & all that smoke + fire later, 6 months or whatsoever, this pioneering investigation was completed: FETTO Apache showed up and jumped out in front of us to dance this globe…

FETTO Apache is an all solid state (no tubes) device in which we (Himmelstrutz) can’t hear or feel the tube(s) aint there. Without a doubt we say this is the most powerful, punchy, dynamic, articulated solid state guitar overdrive we have yet experienced—actually also tube versions included: rhythmic, musical, real!

If you’re still wondering what we’re talking about, have yourself a look at the print of this gangsta and you will understand: You can see that the Himmelstrutz logotype (the bird/ostrich) has a more proud, a more serious and tougher look than ever before—should we say more female?—you don’t question or mess with this girl!


FETTO Apache, this name is our way to honour these wonderful, powerful and legendary native people, both women and men all equal of course, whom we have seen in great and not so great movies around the globe for decades: the Apaches!

 Note: We will never involve/debate politics or other values in this topic except what we say here: wonderful, legendary, powerful.




GIMME—True bypass of the high voltage (DC 375 volts!) Overdrive/Distortion.


ATTACK**—Punch/Attack 2 position toggle/“HI”=375** volts DC or “LOW”=200** volts DC).

** Depending on what guitar used (Single Coils/P90’s/Humbuckers…) the ATTACK/CORE  toggle could be very useful.

CHAR—Mids/Highs character (3 position toggle, center = minimum mids).


GAIN—Amount of overdrive/distortion—very “natural”/amp sounding, all the way from clean to pure rock ’n’ roll overdrive/distortion; it’s a lot of gain/overdrive available but this never goes into the “Metal” sphere. Our apologies goes to all you Metallica-iers out there…

VOLUME—Output level.

LO—Lower frequencies tone control (passive).

HI—Higher frequencies tone control (passive).



1 x EU Standard Power supply, 12 V DC / 1 A (center negative). 

NOTE: If you prefer to use your own power supply, it has to be a “high power” (minimum 300mA) supply with isolated outputs. We do recommend the “Decibel Eleven Hot Stone” series. FETTO Apache can not be battery powered as it requires 9, or preferably 12 volts DC—minimum 300mA!

1 x printed Owner’s Manual.

1 x Warranty: The Himmelstrutz Elektro Art products includes a 1 year limited materials- and factory warranty (from delivery date). The warranty does not include batteries and consumables. Product service is free of charge during the warranty time. The warranty does not include errors due to product modifications, internal adjustments, disassembly, negligence or violence, incorrect power supply usage/incorrect connections or thunder. Shipping costs in non warranty cases is on the buyer.


NON EU 269 $ USD

EU 289 EUR

No Swedish VAT inclusive

Swedish VAT inclusive




At Himmelstrutz Elektro Art each product and unit is handcrafted with the mission to release the best possible sound, feel and looks.

As our available range is not mass-produced every item is unique, minor appearance differences may occur, without compromising quality—in rare cases it could also be minor dings in the color or print of the boxes. Returns due to this kind of irregularity will not be approved.



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